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Why do People Fail to Prepare an Estate Plan?
    There are many different answers. Some reasons are as follows:

  • Confusion - Some people do not know what they should do, so they do nothing. Others search out on their own by reading numerous books or attending various seminars. The various book authors or speakers often have different views or particular areas of interest,which at times are emphasized as being the perfect solution. The end result can be confusion.

  • Complexity - Estate Planning may be an effort to resolve very difficult problems. The Government rules are numerous and complex. People at times become overwhelmed when facing the complexity of attempting to solve difficult problems.

  • Ignorance - At times people are unaware of or naive about the critical importance of Estate Planning.

  • Indifference or Apathy - Some people appear to have an attitude that "I can't take it with me - let someone else worry about it."

  • Time, Effort and Expense - Preparing an Estate Plan requires time as well as effort. Also, in order to prepare a good Plan it requires payment of current expenses that some clients believe can be postponed or avoided.

  • Fear - At times people will not sign a Will due to a belief that they will either die quickly and/or must admit mortality.

  • Privacy - People usually like to maintain privacy about their own affairs. Sometimes there are hidden secrets that they really do not want to reveal.

  • Distrust - Many people distrust attorneys and other advisors. They may feel the attorney will cheat or take advantage of them. Most people do not feel comfortable when not in a familiar situation.

  • Lack of Property - People may fail to plan because they feel that the size of their estate is inadequate. This can be a big mistake. A married couple with minor children and a small estate should create an estate by purchasing life insurance. Often individuals with small estates have more serious problems than those with large estates - they cannot afford the problems of a bad Estate Plan.


Either a person makes the decisions and completes an Estate Plan or the Estate Plan is created by the State. Often Plans created by the State are for the benefit of the public in general and not particularly the individual. From a results standpoint, there are basically three types of Plans, which are:

  • Bad Plan

  • OK Plan

  • Good Plan

No one should want or end up with a Bad Plan. An OK Plan is all right, but it is really not the desired solution. What should be used is a Good Plan that addresses and attempts to solve problems in advance. A Good Plan will not resolve all problems, but will attempt to resolve major problems.


Will a Simple Plan or more comprehensive Plan be appropriate? The individual's desires, the needs of beneficiaries and problems that could affect the estate should be considered in developing the Estate Plan. Some basic information about documents or procedures should help in developing the Estate Plan.

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